Mix Designs

Ready mixed concrete is produced from a mixture of cementitous materials, aggregates, water, and admixtures. The following products are also available and can be customized and proportioned to fit your specific needs and applications.

  • Air Entraining Admixture

  • Fiber Mesh

  • Fly Ash

  • Hydration Control

  • Admixture/Stabilizer

  • Hot Water

  • High-Range Water-Reducing Admixture (Super-plasticizer)

  • Ice and Chilled Water

  • Mid-Range Water-Reducing Admixture

  • Non-Chloride Accelerator

  • Silica Fume (Micro Silica)

  • Others Specialty Admixtures

  • Various Aggregates (Sand, Stone, and Gravel) are also available